Phase II - Spring 1997

    The large pond is 11'x14'x2'. The swamp is the original 10’x13’x2’ pond but is now full of soil and is only 4” deep. Two islands help to divert and slow the flow of water from the 1” pipe. They also give me a place to grow bog plants like yellow flag iris, golden club and sweet flag. The swamp itself has pickerel rush, cattail, arrowhead, parrots feather and water clover. I built a 2’ deep well at the head of the stream inside of the swamp for water to flow from the 1½” pipe and down the stream into the small pond. The stream from the small pond is 18’ long and flows over an 18” waterfall into a mini-pool and then over a weir and into the pond. The weir is a curved dam that allows the water to smoothly flow over the edge and into the pond without a lot of turbulence.  A 1200 gph Supreme Pondmaster Mag Drive pump re-circulates the pond water into the small pond. An overflow is built into the pond so that during heavy rain the excess water will flow into a bog area. The soil in the bog was dug out to a depth of two feet. Liner was installed and the soil was replaced. This area constantly stays moist. Plants growing in the bog are plantain, cardinal flower, monkey flower, Louisiana iris and horsetail. A path of gravel surrounds the pond. Drainage pipe is buried under the gravel and diverts water around the stream and pond. The levee of the swamp and small pond was replaced with a terraced retaining wall made out of stones.

Swamp filter diagram
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